Need For Speed : Most Wanted - Black Edition (2005)

Need For Speed : Most Wanted - Black Edition (2005)

Developer: EA Black Box
Publisher: EA Games
Genre: Racing
Size: 2.24 GB
Release Date:  November 15, 2005
Platform: PC

Need for Speed: Most Wanted was the 2005 release for the long running Need for Speed franchise from EA Games. Unlike previous titles, Most Wanted takes place during the day, and returns the police as a very real problem on the streets of the fictional city of Rockport. Most Wanted was well known for its police chases, though arguably it got more press for its FMV cutscenes, featuring live actors, than it did through anything else.

Gameplay in Most Wanted features a free-roaming city, like that of Underground 2. However, Most Wanted takes place during daylight rather than night. Across the city there are different types of races available to you, such as Drag and Circuit events. For the most part, Circuit races make up the main content of the racing, though there are other types of races that are encountered as well. One of the unique race events featured in Most Wanted is the ‘Speed Trap’ race. Along the route there are speed traps planted, and you must blitz through them at the highest possible speed. After speeding through all of the traps your total speed will be calculated, and the racer with the highest total speed is the winner.

System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista or 7
1.4GHz Processor
256MB Of RAM
32MB ATi Radeon 7500 or nVidia GeForce2 MX Class Video Card
3 GB Hard Disk Space

Install Notes:
Burn or mount image
Run nfsmwpatch1.3_original.exe
Replace speed.exe in the games directory with the one provided.


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